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Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax Review

After finishing step 1. Mothers Pure Polish,

and step 2. Micro-Polishing Glaze, we then

recommend applying step 3. Pure

Brazilian Carnauba Wax


You’ve almost made it. Just one more step!

Mothers Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax is the finishing touch to our Ultimate Wax System, delivering deep shine and lasting protection for all paints and clearcoats.

Step 1 & 2 clean and smooth the surface of your paint for the ultimate in reflectivity, this final step in enhances and preserves the finish of your vehicle and delivers the richness and depth you deserve.

TIP: Add a second coat for added depth and longer lasting protection. If your vehicle sits outside at home or at work, subject to high mileage or salty air near the coast or other harsh conditions, regular or multiple applications of Pure Carnauba Wax will extend the shine and protection to your ride.

→ For faster results, use our Wax Attack Polisher or your favourite random orbital polisher. The Mothers Ultimate Wax System is entirely machine safe.

Generally, the Mothers Pure Paste Wax will last longer than the liquid. Both on the car and in the tin. The concentration of a paste wax ensures the product goes further. You can expect it to last the average user between 5-7 years and the liquid 3-5 years.



1. Either wet or spray MLH polish/ wax applicator with Mothers Instant Detailer

The moisture, of the water or Instant Detailer, helps transfer the paste wax out of the container and onto the applicator. If using the liquid Carnauba Wax, pour a small amount of wax straight onto the applicator.



2. In a circular motion, work Carnauba Wax onto the applicator


3. Use small amounts at a time – only enough to lightly cover the surface of the applicator.


4. Working in one square metre sections, massage product evenly onto paint finish in a circular motion.


5. Allow to dry to a haze.


6. Test to see if the haze is ready to remove.

To do this take a clean microfibre towel and draw a line with your finger, if it wipes away cleanly with no streak, the wax is ready to be removed (see Pro Tip below).


7. Remove haze with a clean, soft microfibre towel.

Turn towel frequently for best buffing action.


8. You are done! Stand back and admire the work you have done, and enjoy your radiant looking ride!


Pro Tip

You will know its ready when there is a clean line when the product is removed.

Unlike the photo below. Wait until the product has dried (about 30-45 seconds).

Make sure to check back next week for our next product review

-The Mothers Boys


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