CMX® Ceramic Wash & Coat FAQ

When diluted, why does it seem thin and watery?

The look and feel of ceramic-infused car wash is very different than traditional wash and wax products. Old-school car washes contain chemical thickeners designed to enhance viscosity. However, these ingredients compromise the effectiveness of the ceramics. In order to ensure maximum shine, durability and beading, Mothers® has developed a completely new, low sudsing, high efficiency (HE) lubricating ceramic wash. Mothers® CMX® Ceramic Wash & Coat is meticulously formulated to maximize cleaning and coating, while eliminating unnecessary, counterproductive chemicals. It contains just the right chemistry to remove stubborn contaminants and road grime, with the added benefit of cutting-edge SiO2 nano-quartz technology.

Why doesn’t it make a lot of suds?

This can be explained by the super-hydrophobic, water-beading properties of CMX® Ceramic Wash & Coat. Ceramic coatings, like SiO2 nano-quartz, feature high surface tension properties. In other words, they repel water. On the other hand, soap suds adhere to one another – the opposite of repelling. When these two features are combined in a ceramic-based car wash, the net result is less suds in the bucket. However, this has absolutely no effect on performance. As with high-efficiency clothes washing detergents, the cleaning is done by the soap, not the bubbles.

Why doesn’t it feel slippery?

Mothers® CMX® Ceramic Wash & Coat uses proprietary polymers to safely attract, encapsulate and remove surface contaminants. These polymers help boost hydrophobic beading properties, but do not have the same slippery feel of old-school surfactants used in traditionally formulated car washes. Our new, state-of-the-art formula effortlessly washes away road dirt, dust and grime, while leaving behind an ultra-high-gloss, water-beading ceramic coating.

What if the product accidently dries before removal?

After rinsing, CMX® Ceramic Wash & Coat should be immediately buffed off with a microfiber towel. If the product dries before removal, a faint white film may develop. This is a harmless, residual ceramic coating, and can easily be wiped away with a soft dry cloth.

Sometimes after washing, water doesn’t bead on the paint as well as expected. Why?

There are two things that can affect the hydrophobic beading properties of CMX® Ceramic Wash & Coat. The first is “dwell time.” The longer a ceramic wash remains in contact with the paint prior to drying, the better. Generally, a few minutes should do the trick. The second issue is proper dilution. When preparing a bucket of ceramic car wash, one ounce per gallon is recommended. If, however, you do NOT observe significant water repellency immediately after use, increase the concentration (more is better). For maximum beading, you can also try pouring undiluted product directly onto a wash mitt, then apply it directly to the wet surface.