A Company that Shares Your Passion for Cool Cars

Mothers® Polishes Waxes Cleaners are the market leader in premium car care products. Helping you keep your vehicle looking its best is what we do.

Our best chemists, body-men, mechanics and all-around car guys with cutting edge technology as Mothers® products are engineered to offer the best results possible and be the easiest to use.


Don’t allow your pride and joy to be half its potential. It is the difference that Mothers® Polish can make that sets apart your ride from others. With a range of products for every enthusiast and unequalled quality.

There is no shine like Mothers®.


The Mothers® Boys

So called because wherever they go, people say “Hey, it’s The Mothers Boys.” James and Andrew are Mothers® Australia and have been Mothers® Boys for their whole lives. Growing up in the house that Mothers® built, they have lived and breathed Mothers® for the last 30+ years.

‘We are passionate about cars, but more so about the people and stories behind the cars. There’s nothing better than a perfectly polished and waxed car, or being able to fix that blemish, scratch or defect and bring it back to better than new.’

There’s a lot of claims out there, however, with the last 40 long years, a group of boffins with degrees in nano chemistry, seek only formulations that provide provable, measurable results so you can be sure you have the best.

Believe it when we say that the product you got a few years ago is different than today. Chemistry and technology improve and Mothers® is at the forefront. That’s why the Mothers® in a bottle this year is better than it was a few years ago. It’s always improving to be the best it can be. Made to a result, not a price.

But having your pride and joy looking stunning is only part of it. It’s about being able to share it with people, being proud of your investment and rolling down the street, window down, the Aussie sun giving your right arm a solid sunburn, and seeing the beauty that some people just don’t see.

Keep ‘em clean. There’s no shine like Mothers®.

The Mothers® Boys
Who are we?

From James – ‘I have had a love of cars for as long as I can remember. What I like about cars, is not just the car, but the car culture, their knowledge and a keenness to learn, the identities and personalities, and their clear bias to their make or model that is unswerving.

I’m lucky enough to get to travel around Australia, and with involvement in hundreds of events every year, get to know the vast number and variety of reasons that enthuse people of all ages about their ride, no matter what it is, and helping them enjoy it.

The passion for cars is as old as I can remember, however, the proper care for them really hit home when I got my first car. As a teenager, I discovered the pleasure of detailing my own ride and sitting on the fence just gazing at the result. That effort needs the rewards or the prize.

Now days, I love my new Mustang: I catch myself regularly glancing back to see the sleek lines and the shine of that ruby red paint job. Oh… and the noise too!!

Aussie car culture is one of the most diverse in the world and like many, I find it hard to pick my ultimate garage. So… definitely a mix of old school American, late 60s Chevy Camaro, left-hand drive and convertible. A newer hot hatch like a Golf R, and European super sedan in an E63 AMG, a Pagani Huayra dream machine. Then again, perhaps a Nissan GT-R, or… it’s hard!

My favourite product is the Mothers® Micro-Polishing Glaze. What ever the colour, it hides swirls brilliantly and reveals a great deep wet look, shine and brilliant colour!’

– James


From Andrew – ‘They say a person’s favourite car tells people a lot about their personality; well my two faves are the Lamborghini Miura and the HSV R8 Maloo, so not sure what that says about me…

I started my working life as a teacher for 10 years before re-joining the Mothers® Team 7 years ago. Although teaching kindergarten and selling high performance car care may seem like a big jump, as with anything, you can’t get away from the best. And I was primed for it. My childhood and youth was spent packing and making up Mothers® Products, Wax Attack polishers and Mothers® buckets and buckets and more buckets…

You just need passion, hard work, a quality product and obvious results from our great supporters in market to succeed.

It’s just great to see all of the letters and feedback from the consumers, clubs and events we get to. From men and women, young and old.

My favourite Mothers® product (and I know I’m not alone here) has to be the California Gold® Clay Bar Kit. 200g of high quality clay, best value on the market, with the impressively slick Instant Detailer working so well, and you can really feel the difference. It’s the product everyone should have in the garage.

Mothers® Polish is a Californian product created over 40 years ago and owned by the same family not unlike our own.

Mothers® Polish was started by Jim and Dennis Holloway’s parents, and their “Mother” still comes in every day! Both Jim and Dennis are passionate about car culture, car racing and the presentation around all areas of car care.

The Mothers® ethos is simple: make it the best; if it’s not the best… don’t make it.

There’s lots of fun to be had in the automotive business, and while we work hard, it’s also hard not to enjoy.’

– Andrew.