California Gold Spray Wax 710ml


Mothers Spray Wax is the quick and easy way to clean, shine and protect any automotive paint, including clearcoat.

Spray Wax removes surface dust and fingerprints, while adding long-lasting shine, lustre and depth. Used on a wet or dry surface, Spray Wax works as a booster over your existing wax or as a stand-alone product. Simply spray, wipe and buff to a brilliant shine! 710ml.

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Shake well before and during use.

1. Begin with a cool, clean, wet or dry surface.
2. Hold sprayer 20-30cm from surface and mist spray wax on surface to be waxed.
3. Using a soft, clean microfibre towel, spread product evenly.
4. Turn to a dry area of towel and buff dry. Always keep a dry towel handy.
5. Repeat process until job is complete.
6. If product dying occurs, reapply Spray Wax to affected area and buff dry.

NOTE: It is time to wax again when Mothers® Spray Wax removes slowly.

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