California Gold Synthetic Wax Paste 311g


Provides unparalleled depth, shine and protection in an easy-to-apply, effortless-to-remove formula. Our specially formulated microencapsulated polymers form a chemical bond to protect your paint’s surface, while ultra-fine polishes bring out the gloss and lustre you’ve come to expect from Mothers®.

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Directions: Finish should be clean, dry and cool. Wax one section at a time.
1. Apply a small amount of Synthetic Paste Wax onto the supplied foam applicator pad.
2. Working in small sections massage product thoroughly onto finish.
3. Allow to dry to a haze.
4. Remove haze with a clean microfibre towel. Turn towel frequently for best buffing action.

NOTE: To avoid wax residue on trim, moldings and other non-painted plastic surfaces, first apply Mothers Protectant.

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