California Gold Water Spot Remover For Glass 355ml


Removes stubborn hard water spots and stains from any exterior glass surface.

Powerful mineral-dissolving agents scrub away sun-baked sediments, salt spray, tree sap, road grime, bugs and paint overspray. Mothers® Water Spot Remover is for exterior glass windshields and windows.

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Shake well before and during use. Finish should be clean, dry and cool.

For exterior glass only. Avoid paint, cloth, vinyl, plastic rubber and trim.
1. Pour a small amount of product onto a clean microfibre cloth or suitable applicator.
2. Working in small section, massage product thoroughly onto glass using moderate pressure, adding polish as needed.
3. With a separate clean microfibre cloth thoroughly buff all surfaces dry before moving onto the next area. Turn towel frequently for best buffing action.
4. To clean NOTEand remove any residue, finish with a quality glass cleaner such as Mothers® Glass Cleaner.

: Additional applications may be necessary

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