Leather Cleaner 355ml


The perfect smooth leather cleaner. High-traffic leather interiors, convertibles with leather and essentially every other smooth leather should be bathed regularly—it’s a natural skin and needs care.

Our chemists created Mothers® Leather Cleaner, a pH balanced formula that safely lifts impregnated dirt, grime and stains from your precious leather interior. Meanwhile, when you use our Leather Cleaner, you’re preparing that material for Mothers® Leather Conditioner, which will ensure a long, supple life. 355ml.

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Shake well before & during use. Clean one area at a time. As with all cleaning products test compatibility on a small nonspurious area.

1. Spray Leather Cleaner onto a soft microfibre or suitable applicator being careful not to overspray onto plastics, painted trim or window tint.
2. Massage thoroughly onto surface, wiping away dirt and excess product.
3. On stubborn stains, use a soft brush to loosen dirt.
4. with a separate, clean towel, thoroughly buff all surfaces dry.
5. For maximum beauty and protection apply Mothers® Leather Conditioner.

Note: Not for use on rough leather, suede or suede-like material. Mothers® Leather Cleaner may temporarily darken some leather.

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