Mothers® CMX® Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish & Coat


Mothers® CMX® Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish & Coat takes the guesswork out of applying and maintaining ceramic coatings, and can be used at all stages of the ceramic coating process. From pre-coat paint correction to priming your paint for ceramic application or even to repair and refresh an existing coating, this 3-in-1 formula does it all.

Cutting-edge abrasives quickly remove minor imperfections on any coated or uncoated painted surface, while laying down an acrylic-SiO2 ceramic foundational primer layer for optimal coating adhesion and a lasting bond. Best of all, this formula does not contain waxes or oils that negate surface adhesion so coatings can be applied immediately after use.

Use independently or follow with Mothers® CMX® Ceramic Spray Coating to further enhance your paint’s colour, gloss, clarity and ceramic protection.

Washing and caring for your vehicle has never been easier. Join the revolution!


Shake well before and during use. Finish should be clean, dry and cool. Polish one section at a time.


  1. Dispense a small amount of product onto a soft, clean microfibre towel, suitable applicator or directly onto buffer pad.
  2. Working in 50cm square sections (1-2 square feet), polish surface thoroughly using consistent, even pressure.
  3. Remove product while wet with a clean, dry microfibre towel. Turn towel frequently for best buffing action.

PRO TIP: For maximum shine and protection, follow with Mothers® CMX® Ceramic Spray Coating.

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