Mothers® CMX® Ceramic Trim Restore & Coat


Coatings, sealants and waxes protect our paint, but unpainted exterior rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces can often be overlooked, and time and the elements can take their toll. Whether it’s your daily commuter or your weekend driver, these surfaces need protection.

Mothers® CMX® Ceramic Trim Restore & Coat instantly reveals that dark, factory-new colour with superior ceramic richness. Utilising a unique acrylic-SiO2 nano-quartz blend, you’ll be left with an ultra-durable, super-hydrophobic, heat resistant protection barrier, preventing further deterioration caused by sun, smog, ozone, water, chemicals and airborne contaminants.

Washing and caring for your vehicle has never been easier. Join the revolution!


Finish should be clean, dry and cool. Coat one area at a time. Do not let dry.

  1. Dispense Mothers® CMX® Ceramic Trim Restore & Coat onto a clean, dry microfibre towel or suitable applicator and thoroughly massage into surface.
  2. Allow a few minutes for the coating to penetrate and bond, then buff with a clean microfibre towel.
  3. With a separate clean microfibre towel, thoroughly buff all surrounding surfaces dry of any excess product before moving onto the next section.
  4. For increased durability, additional layers (also known as stacking) can be applied. Allow 24 hours of cure time between coats.

PRO TIP: For best results, first use Mothers® CMX® Surface Prep to clean surface prior to application.

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