Mothers® Ultimate Hybrid™ Ceramic Spray Wax


Mothers® Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax combines the simplicity of a spray wax with the benefits of a ceramic spray coating. Featuring a balanced blend of advanced science and traditional car care, this formula seamlessly unites the trusted and time-tested natural protection of carnauba wax with the cutting-edge nano-quartz ceramic technology of today. From greasy fingerprints and smudges to road grime and dust, Ultimate HybridCeramic Spray Wax’s ultra-slick formula lubricates while it cleans, leaving you with a scratch-free, SiO2 protected, liquidy-gloss appearance that repels water and contaminants with ease. Use as a stand-alone product, or as a booster over your existing ceramic coating, sealant or wax. Apply in layers for increased depth, durability and protection. Just spray on and wipe off, it’s that easy!

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Shake well before and during use. Finish should be clean and cool, Wax one section at a time.

  1. Spray Ceramic Spray Wax liberally onto a small area.
  2. Using a clean, dry microfibre towel, gently spread product evenly over the surface.
  3. Allow a few minutes for product to bond to surface.
  4. With a separate, clean microfibre towel, thoroughly buff surface dry.
  5. Repeat process until vehicle is complete.
  6. Always keep a clean, dry towel handy. It may be necessary to switch to a clean, dry towel as it becomes too saturated.
  7. If product drying occurs, reapply Ceramic Spray Wax to affected area and buff dry.

Note: Best results are achieved on a well-maintained finish, free of paint defects, waxes, oils or contaminants.

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