Naturally Black® Heavy Duty Trim Cleaner Kit


Naturally Black® Heavy Duty Trim Cleaner Kit provides unmatched cleaning ability, restoring your exterior trim and textured plastics to their original, like-new colour.

Heavy Duty Trim Cleaner is not a cover-up; it deep cleans, allowing you to erase years of neglect and environmental abuse, including oxidation, dirt, road grime and even stubborn embedded wax. It features a unique, drip-free gel, leaving you with a long-lasting, naturally clean surface.

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Shake well before & during use.

1. Begin with a cool, dry surface. Clean one area at a time. Do not let dry.
2. Apply Trim Cleaner onto the supplied brush or directly onto surface to be cleaned.
3. Using moderate pressure, brush the surface using back and forth, overlapping motions. Add cleaner as needed.
4. Wipe away dirt and excess product with a dry microfibre or terry cloth towel.
5. For long lasting gloss and protection follow with Mothers Naturally Black Trim and Plastic Restorer.

Note: A second application and further agitation with the supplied brush may be necessary on stubborn areas. As with all cleaning preparations, test compatibility on a small, inconspicuous area.

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