Naturally Black® Trim & Plastic Restorer 355ml


As your ride’s exterior ages, rubber, plastic and vinyl of all colours will dry, crack, flake and deteriorate.

This oxidation can be stopped and reversed with Mothers® Naturally Black®, our favourite auto care concoction.

This trim treatment is great for bumpers, mouldings, louvres, window trim, vents, seals, skirts, door handles, wiper arms—anything that’s plastic, rubber or vinyl. Apply Naturally Black® to sunburnt plastic, rubber and vinyl to revive the factory-new sheen, and then re-treat regularly.

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Shake well before and during use.
1. Begin with a clean, cool and dry surface. Treat one area at a time.
2. Pour product onto a dry, soft microfibre sponge or suitable applicator.
3. Apply product liberally and massage thoroughly into surface.
4. Allow to penetrate, then buff with a clean microfibre towel. Should streaking occur additional buffing will be required.
5. Heavily stained or soiled areas ma require an additional application

Note: for severely neglected surfaces, first use Mothers® Naturally Black Heavy Duty trim Cleaner.


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