Naturally Black Tyre Shine 710ml


With Mothers® Naturally Black® Tyre Shine, it’s no longer necessary to suffer the tradeoff of durability and protection to keep a show quality shine.

Formulated using the same industry proven Naturally Black® surface care technology you have come to know and trust, Naturally Black® Tyre Shine provides a high-gloss, long lasting, protective barrier to keep your tyres looking blacker, longer.

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Best results when used on clean, dry surfaces.

1. Adjust spray pattern to match your tire’s profile.
Low profile: pull nozzle out
Wide profile: push nozzle in
2. Hold bottle 12-15cm from surface and spray directly onto the tire sidewall and let dry to reveal a high gloss shine.
3. For a lower gloss finish allow product to penetrate a few minutes then wipe off excess.

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