Professional Rubbing Compound 355ml


Mothers® Professional Rubbing Compound works with your favourite buffer to quickly cut through water spots, and effortlessly remove heavy oxidation, car wash scratches and other defects from all paint types.

May also be used to remove 2,000 grade and finer sanding scratches.

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1. If applicable, set buffer speed at medium to medium high.
2. Dispense a 12cm ribbon or compound onto a cutting pad or buffing pad or bonnet. Start machine slowly to minimise slinging.
3. Using light pressure, work on a small area overlapping the path by 50% in at least three directions.
4. Reduce pressure as the product begins to dry. Do not buff dry.
5. Clean pad or bonnet as needed to reduce clogging.
6. Wipe surface clean with a soft dry microfibre towel.
7. Follow with Mothers Professional Finishing Polish then Mothers wax of your choice for unsurpassed depth and shine.

IMPORTANT: remove excess or splattered compound with a soft damp cloth before moving onto the next are to be buffed.

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