• Slim Tapered Side For Easy Cleaning of Multi-Spoke & Inner Wheels
  • Lightweight, Strong & Super-Effective
  • Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle with Rubber Protector
  • Flexible Tip And Brush Head

Allows You To Thoroughly & Safely Clean All Wheel Shapes, Styles & Sizes

Whether you have big brakes or an intricate design on your wheels, this brush will gently and easily loosen stubborn brake dust and dirt with its unique scratch-free microfibre. Featuring a non-slip comfort grip, and lightweight ergonomic design, its extra-soft scratch-free microfibre cleans your wheels to like new.

Starting with a cool dry wheel, follow the recommendations supplied with the chemical you are using. Spray Mothers® Wheel Cleaner over the entire wheel, ensuring you cover all the intricate curves, crevices, and ridges. Allow time for the cleaner to work and scrub the wheels with the Mothers® Microfibre Wheel Brush using smooth motions to avoid flinging the cleaning chemical, easily loosen any additional stubborn dirt andbrake dust deep inside the wheel and between the spokes. Once all contaminants are removed hose the wheel down with firm water pressure.