• Effortless Polish & Wax Removal
  • Perfect For Use With Spray Detailers & Waxes
  • Extra Thick Dual Sided Towel
  • 40cm x 66cm


The Ultra-Soft Polishing Cloth performs exceptionally well on all paint surfaces for application or removal of polishes and waxes, spray detailers and spray waxes. Always follow recommendations supplied with the surface care chemical you are using. The soft microfibre is safe for all surfaces. For best results turn towel frequently as residue and dirt build up can cause minor scratches, select a new clean towel to ensure a perfect finish.

Care Instructions:

Wash with like colours. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Use light detergent with copious amounts of water. PRO TIP: Air dry and hand massage to soften for longevity and best results.