VLR Vinyl – Leather – Rubber 710ml


Mothers® VLR quickly and easily cleans, conditions and protects a wide variety of vinyl, leather and rubber surfaces.

This pro-strength, pH balanced formula safely cleans even the most stubborn ground-in dirt, soil and stains. Infused with neatsfoot oil and lanolin, this all-in-one blend conditions and protects against drying, fading and cracking, in one simple step.

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Shake well before & during use. Clean one area at a time. Do not let dry. As with all cleaning products, test compatibility on a small, inconspicuous area.

1. Spray VLR onto a soft microfibre or suitable applicator, being careful not to overspray onto plastic, painted trim or window tint.
2. Massage thoroughly onto surface, wiping away dirt and excess product.
3. With a separate, clean microfibre towel thoroughly buff all surfaces dry including an overspray before moving on to next area.

Note: Not for use on rough leather, suede or suede-like material. Mothers VLR may temporarily darken some leather.

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