Waterless Wash & Wax


Mothers® California Gold® Waterless Wash & Wax is the quick and easy way to wash and wax your vehicle without water! Just like soap and suds whisk away dirt during a traditional water wash, our ultra-slick formula provides extreme lubrication to encapsulate and dissolve dirt and grime, allowing you to safely wipe your way to a scratch-free, perfectly clean finish. A convenient alternative to traditional washing, where water restrictions and other conservation efforts apply, this unique spray wash is simple-to-use and safe for any exterior vehicle surface. Just spray, wipe and buff your way to a beautifully washed and waxed finish.

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Shake well before & during use. Begin with a cool, dry surface. Wash one area at a time, working from top to bottom. Do not let dry.

1. Spray Waterless Wash & Wax liberally onto a small area.
2. Using a clean, dry microfibre or terry cloth towel, gently spread product evenly over surface, lifting away dirt and excess product.
3. With a separate, clean, dry microfibre or terry cloth towel, thoroughly buff surface dry.
4. Repeat process until vehicle is complete
5. Always keep additional clean, dry towels handy. It may be necessary to switch to a clean, dry towel as it become too dirty or saturated.
6. If product drying occurs, reapply to affected area and buff or dry.

NOTE: For use on light to moderately dirty surfaces. For extremely dirty vehicles, pre-rinse with a strong stream of water to remove loose dirt. For maximum shine and protection follow with your choice of Mothers® traditional polishes and waxes.


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