The largest display of British and European vehicles in Victoria was held last Sunday at Yarra Glen.  The RACV British & European Motoring Show was a huge success celebrating 70 years of the Rover P4 75, 60 years of the Daimler SP250 Dart, 50 years of the Ford Capri MK1 and 40 years of the SAAB 900Turbo.

Our best chemists, body-men, mechanics and all-around car guys with cutting edge technology as Mothers® products are engineered to offer the best results possible and are the easiest to use.

So called because wherever they go, people say “Hey, it’s The Mothers Boys.” James and Andrew are Mothers Australia and have been Mothers Boys for their whole lives. Growing up in the house that Mothers built, they have lived and breathed Mothers for the last 30+ years.

“We are passionate about cars, but more so about the people and stories behind the cars. There’s nothing better than a perfectly polished and waxed car, or being able to fix that blemish, scratch or defect and bring it back to better than new.”