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6 days ago

Mothers Polish Australia

Shine and reflection
#theresnoshinelikemothers indeed!What does it take to bring out the unparalleled shine on this ’65 Cobra? According to Jeremy Rohrs of Floodwater Customs, it’s a blend of our legendary Mag & Aluminum Polish, our Billet Metal Polish, and our all-new CMX Ceramic Spray Coating, proving, once again that there’s no shine like Mothers! Pic by Malcolm Perez.
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2 weeks ago

Mothers Polish Australia

#motherscmx is satisfying even the fussiest of car enthusiasts, with results second to none! Find it at Supercheap Auto nationally. #theresnoshinelikemothers #motherspolishedau ... See MoreSee Less

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There’s not shine like Mothers.... take a look for yourself
#repost @classics_aotearoa
😍 Absolutely stunning Fairlane 500 with an unbeatable polish✨
What’s your favourite polish?? 💬
This beauty is one of the Mothers Polish show-pieces and its not hard to see why. This paint looks wet! 💦
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2 weeks ago

Mothers Polish Australia
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Scratch Remover

There are areas of your paint’s finish that see more abuse than others:

  • Edges of doors
  • Bonnet
  • Door handles
  • Keyholes
  • Boot latch

What you need is a scratch remover.

Mothers® Scratch Remover works on any sort of finish to help restore high mileage paint and remove surface scratches.

This is a true polish—be sure to chase it with the standard regimen of waxing to properly seal and protect.

Let’s face it, scratches happen. When you find a scratch on your precious baby, don’t fret, your Mothers is here to help.

What you need is a Scratch Remover.

Fine scratches in the paint or clear coat can be repaired and removed with its gentle but slightly abrasive formula.

Do not be fooled, larger scratches may still be visible, some more work around that area may be required. All you need to remember is the “Rule of Thumbnail” – if you can fit your thumbnail in a scratch, it is generally too large to use a scratch remover. In this case, a buff or touch up paint may be required to repair or fill the scratch. 

It is important to remove scratches and other imperfections first to ensure the ultimate finish. This light ‘cut’ before polishing or waxing may be the missing step in achieving a flawless result.

Next, apply either Mothers Ultimate Wax System or Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax liquid (or paste).

Mothers Ultimate Wax System-

  1. Pure Polish- Deep cleans, repairs and restores brilliance to the surface
  2. Micro-Polishing Glaze- Provides the ultimate in clarity, depth and wet look.
  3. Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax- Shines, protects & enhances the finish of the vehicle


    Step 1.

    Pour a small amount of Mother California Gold Scratch Remover on to a clean microfibre towel or suitable applicator

      Step 2.

      Polish scratches from a variety of angles within the scratched area, finishing in a circular motion.

        Step 3.

        Wipe off excess with a clean, dry microfibre towel.

          Step 4.

          Repeat if necessary.



              Watch our short tutorial here

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