Say Goodbye to dull tyres with Mothers Speed Tyre Shine!

This non-sling formula penetrates deep into the tire’s sidewall to produce the maximum shine that lasts weeks, not just days. 

Our advanced micro-emulsion resin technology combines with premium silicones to give your tires a long-lasting, “just dressed” finish that won’t brown, sling or run. The durable, penetrating mist thoroughly coats your tire’s sidewall with minimal effort, while providing maximum shine and superior protection. 

Mothers Speed Tire Shine is created as a no-mess aerosol, so it won’t get your hands dirty during application. Just hold the can roughly 6-8 inches away from your tyre’s sidewall and press the trigger as you slowly work your way around the tire. The shine is instantaneous, along with the satisfaction!


Spray 6-8 inches away


♦ If you wish for a more matte finish, simply wipe around the type once with a clean microfibre cloth

It is that simple! Stand back and enjoy an (easy) job well done!