James Kennedy
James KennedyDirector
James Kennedy was born with enthusiasm for cars. However, the passion for car care didn’t arise until he bought his first car. As a teenager, James discovered the satisfaction of detailing my own ride. Afterward, he might be caught sitting on the fence gazing at the finished work.

With love for cars, what is his favorite?

Well, Aussie car culture is one of the most diverse in the world which makes it difficult to pick the ultimate garage.
So…definitely a mix of old school American, late 60’s Chevy Camaro, left-hand drive and convertible. A newer hot hatch like a Golf R, and European super sedan in an E63 AMG, a Pagani Huayra dream machine. Then again, perhaps a Nissan GT-R, or… it’s difficult!

Andrew Kennedy
Andrew KennedyDirector
Andrew Kennedy was a kindergarten teacher for ten years but re-joined the Mothers Team in 2014. Andrews thrilling “idle” childhood days were filled with packing and making up Mothers Products, Wax Attacks, and Mothers buckets, and buckets, and more buckets…

You may be thinking ‘teaching kindergarten and selling high-performance car care may seem like a big jump’, as with anything, you simply can’t get away from the best.

They say a person’s favourite car tells people a lot about their personality; well Andrews two faves are the Lamborghini Miura, and the HSV R8 Maloo, so not sure what that says about him…

When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.

The Sales Squad

David Hobbs
David HobbsProduct Development and Sales Supervisor
David (Hobbsy) is a man of many talents. Don’t let his good looks and charm fool you, David can assist with any questions you may have about the range of products from Command Auto Group.

Starting in the warehouse back in 2009, his hard work and love of all things automotive have helped him work his way through a range of different roles within our company.

Storeman, warehouse coordinator, account manager, product development, sales support coordinator, sales supervisor…..

When not at work you’re bound to find him tinkering on something with a motor whether it be one of his motorbikes, 4wds or even the lawnmower. His love for restoring things not worth restoring means he is always busy.

Gary Waterson
Gary WatersonSales
Gary WatersonSales
Gazza – Queensland’s Mothers Polish Representative for over 18 years….

With my father’s ‘almost’ lifetime commitment to GMH New Zealand for over 40 years, I had no choice in life than to become a ‘car nut’.
Mum and dad met at a GM Christmas Party, where they both worked back in the late 1950’s.
So I guess you could say cars are in my blood…not necessarily just Holden cars. Although I do love them!

My passion for cars began at an early age.
The weekend routine was to make that Torana, HQ, HJ, HZ, or Gemini shine. Ready for the week ahead!

My mums brother lived just up the road from us.
His passion was with Fords and Valiants. So you can only imagine the rivalry that always occurred around Bathurst time!
My Uncle garaged some beauties also…
Falcon XA & XB GT’s and a 1973 Valiant Charger to name a few.

My keen eye for detail began at a very early age during the 1970’s.
We’d tried other brands, but Mothers Polish was our go to product back in the 70’s & 80’s.
It delivered the best shine and the best longevity in paint care when it came to paint protection in New Zealand’s often harsh weather conditions.

When it comes to paint protection for our treasured rides in Queensland, the same could be said.
That soothing Queensland salt air might be just what we need after a hard day at the office, but not necessarily the best thing our cars paint!

We love our tropical lifestyle.
It’s warm….well most days, and we all enjoy a weekend of entertaining, or being entertained!
So we do our best to get the jobs done around the home, big or small and then enjoy what times left.

For today’s busy lifestyle choices Mothers Polish offers many ‘ease of use’ alternatives.
Mothers Synthetic Polymer and Spray Wax options are now well sort after by the car enthusiast, as they deliver a gloss in a league of its own with ease. Job done…and done in no time!

Be it your daily driver, or a classic ride, how rewarding it is to head out on that rod run, or car club event knowing Mothers Polish has delivered with ease the results you’ve come to know and trust over the years.

Many a test has been done, but when it comes down to ease of use, paint correction, colour enhancement, superior gloss, paint clarity, and the list goes on….Mothers delivers.
Enjoy life!
Love ya ride, love Mothers.

Alan Elmenawi
Alan ElmenawiSales - Victoria
Ross Barbeler
Ross BarbelerSales - NSW