Wax Attack Range

For the unprepared, battery operated devices can be a problem where a lack of planning can result in no charged units for use. But with the new Wax Attack™ Lithium, the 14.4v fast charge battery is the fastest and easiest to use polisher ever! With the battery ready to go in less than an hour, you can be ready to wax the car after you wash and prepare your vehicle. Also lightweight and in a sleek black finish, your Wax Attack™ is as cool as the car you are polishing.

The Wax Attack™ Lithium and Portable/240V varieties operate in much the same way. Users must note that the paint surface must be clean, dust-free and dry. Mothers® California Gold® Clay Bar System can ensure a smooth surface. Pour some wax/polish onto the foam pad and then pat the pad down onto the paint surface to prevent flinging. Gentle pressure should be applied, and avoid plastic and rubber mouldings—they should be treated with Mothers® Naturally Black® Trim & Plastic Restorer. After you have worked over your whole car, wait for the wax to dry. It could take up to ten minutes, but you can test its readiness by using an MLH® Microfibre Towel on a small area. If it wipes away clean, you are ready to buff—but if it smears, you should allow some additional dry time.

Do not drop the Velcro backed pads on the ground, as they will collect dust and grit contaminants which may scratch the paint surface. Wash the pads in the washing machine and let them air dry.

The Wax Attack™ Professional is for those who want the very best finish on their paint. The professional system operates in three stages: compounding, polishing and finishing.

Users should always ensure that the surface of the paint is clean, smooth and dry. Mothers® California Gold® Clay Bar System can provide the most smooth finish.

It is recommended that users start by using the white MLH® Polishing Pad with Mothers® Professional Finishing Polish. By applying a small amount of polish to the pad, testing the result on a section of the car. This may satisfactorily restore the paint surface and provide the desired swirl free deep gloss finish.

With the orange MLH® Cutting Pad, applying a small amount for the Mothers® Professional Rubbing Compound. Start with a small area, applying the compound gently and then wipe away the residue—you can then inspect the compounded surface and compare the results with the untreated areas.

The Finishing Polish can be used subsequently to the compound or as a stand alone procedure. When used after compounding, the Finishing Polish can smooth and refine, and by itself, it can remove imperfections from the paint surface. Using the white MLH® Polishing Pad, repeat the same steps as before, applying a small amount of polish to the pad, testing the result on a section of the car before finishing the rest of the vehicle.

To ensure that your paint shines at its best, you can finish the three step process with the complimentary red MLH® Finishing Pad and Mothers® Pure Carnauba Wax or your other favoured Mothers® Wax. Slowly begin on a small section and work your way around the car. Wipe away the dried wax and stand back to admire the shine which the Wax Attack™ Professional has given you.