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There’s nothing worse than pesky bugs and bird droppings that just won’t come off your car. Want a quick and affordable solution anytime, anywhere?Try Mother's Speed Foaming Bug and Tar Remover, its professional-strength formula makes quick work of nasty splattered bugs, bird droppings, road grime, tar, sap and other unwanted matter clinging to your vehicle’s exterior.It’s no-drip, penetrating foam is safe for all exterior surfaces of your vehicle including glass and vinyl wraps and makes quick work of hard to reach surfaces such as grills and vents.Simply spray it on and wipe it off for quick, highly effective touch ups or use it as a pre-wash.For fast professional results you only need Speed, from Mother's.#motherspolishaustralia #theresnoshinelikemothers #mothers #speed #carwash #cars #cardetailing #shine #goodcar #carcare #motherspolish #bugspray #clean #detailing ... See MoreSee Less
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Do you have a love/hate relationship with washing your ride?Whether you love or hate vehicle maintenance; washing and caring for your vehicle is made a whole lot easier with the Mothers® Blizzard Wizzard.Its simplicity and ease of use makes washing your car a fast, painless and enjoyable experience.It's not only visually pleasing; the advanced foam suds in Mothers® foaming wash also lift dirt and grime effortlessly. It is also perfect for use as a pre-wash and/or touchless wash, especially for vehicles with heavy dirt and mud.Mothers® Blizzard Wizzard also helps eliminate the possibility of marring, swirling, or scratching your paint’s surface. Get yours today and create a magical Mothers® shine on your vehicle in no time.#motherspolishaustralia #theresnoshinelikemothers #carwash #cars #cardetailing #shine #goodcar #carcare #motherspolish #clean #detailing #wash #detailingaddicts #detailingdoneright ... See MoreSee Less
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Want to wash your car in no time with less water wastage?Use Mother’s Speed Waterless Wash and Wax.For heavily dirty cars pre-rinse for best results.Then spray Mothers Waterless Wash and Wash on to your car generously, for an ultra-slick shine with enhanced depth and colours.Then using a clean microfibre towel, buff it off until the surface is dry.Now you've got a magical Mothers shine anytime, anywhere.Mother’s Speed, maximum results, minimum effort.#motherspolishaustralia #theresnoshinelikemothers #mothers #speed #carwash #cars #cardetailing #shine #goodcar #carcare #motherspolish #waterless #clean #detailing #waterlesswash #wash ... See MoreSee Less
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Learn from the best in the business – the Mothers® Australia team have prepared the most thorough detailing guide around – from preparation to the final touches we’ve got you covered

When only the best will do…professionals know who to trust with their car care.

Exclusive Customs uses and recommends Mothers® Car Care products, which deliver the ultimate results. Mothers® Micro Polishing Glaze and Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax treat each vehicle to a show winning shine.

On fresh paint or old paint Mothers® Pure Carnauba Wax delivers the ultimate shine, gloss and protection while allowing the paint to breath.

Jason & Glen, Exclusive Customs
Q. How do you keep your multi award winning Mustang looking so clean and gleaming and dust free at car shows?

A . I mist on Mothers® Showtime® Instant Detailer, then using MLH microfibre cloths I gently remove the dust and Showtime® with an even sweeping motion, turning the cloth after each pass . I then buff off any residue with a clean MLH microfibre cloth. The shine enhancers in Showtime® means the car goes home looking even better than when it went to the show.

Howard Astill, Astill Design
In preparation for any show, I use Mothers® Micro-Polishing Glaze which is the key to a brilliant deep ‘wet look’ followed by Mothers Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax for a superior shine and protection.

Using MLH applicators and microfibre cloths to easily spread the product, let it dry to a haze, and removal is a breeze leaving a perfectly clean show winning finish.

It has become almost a religious ritual that I prep the cars properly, whether they need it or not.

Justin Hills, Hills & Co Customs
The Mothers Car Care products are used throughout our business, and throughout our finishing process inside and out.

Micro-Polishing Glaze, Pure Carnauba Wax and Reflections Top Coat deliver a show winning shine.

Detailing inside or out Mothers Car Care have it covered!

Ziggy Sadler, Ziggy's Design Driven